Water & Wastewater Management

Water is an essential element of life but over the decades water resources have been over-exploited and the available water has become more prone to pollution due to point and non-point sources. We at LundaHydro AB provide environmental analysis and consultancy services to assist the companies to comply with environmental regulations. The services are tailored according to the requirements of respective companies. These services include sampling and analysis, monitoring, scientific interpretation of results, and consultancy for environmental-friendly methods for water treatment and its re-use.

Solid Waste Management

Management and treatment of solid waste is another area of concern for both the developing and developed countries. LundaHydro AB has expertise in undertaking contaminated land investigations. Waste management services that we offer include detailed site surveys, sampling, and chemical analysis of soil and water samples, and analysis of landfill gases. We can also undertake site and laboratory investigations of contaminant identification (e.g. heavy metals, organic compounds, and trace inorganics). 

Storage of Organic Waste

Long- and short-term storage of organic waste before recovery and recycling has resulted in increased risk of fire accidents. 

The staff has more than two decades of research experience in the field of risk analysis of fire accidents related to the storage of organic materials, waste fuels and recyclables. We can undertake detailed risk analysis studies and provide consultancy to avert fire incidents on storage sites. 

Environmental Economics

LundaHydro AB also has expertise in environmental economics. We can undertake economic modeling studies focusing on the distribution of economic resources in an industrial waste management context.

Training: On Demand Courses & Workshops

We offer training courses that are tailored to the needs of individuals. These courses are planned in a way that they can be used to gain understanding of the knowledge and skills required in the field of environmental management

Courses are available for both in-classroom and online students/professionals.